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DL Media

Everyone has a story to tell. Dave wants to tell yours. Wedding, Senior, Stylized, Lifestyle, Family, and Portrait Photographer. Dave offers prints from wall art, albums, and digital formats! Book with him today!

Has anyone ever asked you, "what's the best place you've eaten beside your mom's house?" Well, I'm here to answer that question. It's the Kajun Twist. Why? Because your mom probably learned how to cook from the family who brought you The Kajun Twist. You probably don't need another reason as to why The Twist is the best place on the bayou to eat, but here's one anyway: You will not leave that place hungry. They feed you the same amount of food your grandma would after helping her clean her flowerbed. I can't even begin to imagine how many takeout boxes they go through on a daily basis. I usually have enough food to last through a tropical storm with what I take home after eating there. Oh, don't like being around people? NO PROBLEMO! They have a drive through. And... I didn't even mention the bar area. Tis very nice. Very nice. Long story short, no matter where you're from, you need to make sure to stop in at The Twist. Great people. Great food. Great prices -Dave Leblanc

Dave's Galaxy Gaming

South Louisiana's own home-brewed Dave's Galaxy Gaming! Buy, trade, and sell video games across all systems and timelines!